About Us

Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. is a private Practice therapy group which was begun in 1973 by Mr. Paul Ferrara of Kent, Ohio.  Starting as a single person practice, Portage Physical Therapists has grown to include 85 staff members consisting of therapists, assistants, athletic trainers, clerical and business management specialists, and consultants.  The entire staff is dedicated to complete rehabilitation success of the people we serve.

Our Mission

To provide professional therapy services to all patients and contracts served by Portage Physical Therapists; to be of service to the community by providing alternative mechanisms for the prevention and treatment of injury and disease in a cost effective manner.

Our Values

• Quality People
• Quality Care
• Quality Results

Our Services

The service base of Portage Physical Therapists includes: 

• Contracting therapy services to existing facilities and programs.
• Ownership and operation of a strategically placed out patient therapy center. .
• Athletic training services for schools and sporting events. 

Through these avenues we are able to serve every age group in the community in a variety of settings.

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES/SCHOOLS – providing evaluation, treatment and program development for all areas of developmental disabilities through  speech, occupational and physical therapy services. 

ORTHOPEDICS – post surgical, as well as, all other orthopedic rehab 

INDUSTRIAL PROGRAMS – provide a full line of industrial programs including Key Functional Capacity Assessment, isokinetic testing and back to work programs. 

GERIATRIC – providing evaluation, treatment and program development in a hospital setting.

SPORTS THERAPY – sports medicine services, including pre-season screenings and athletic training for area sports teams. 

HOSPITAL – all inclusive therapeutic program development, management of outpatient, inpatient and satellites.

Our Staff

• Physical Therapists
• Occupational Therapists
• Speech/Language Pathologists
• Physical Therapists Assistants
• Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
• Athletic Trainers/Certified

Our Experience

Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. has been in the therapy  business for over 40 years.  We  currently have an out-patient center located in Mogadore, Ohio which is owned and operated by Portage Physical Therapists.  We have established long term relationships with hospitals, schools, nursing homes and home health agencies.  We have a proven record for the development of new  programs, as well as, enhancement of current programs for the contracts we serve.  We have met and exceeded JCAHO requirements






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