Developmental Disabilities Division

Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. services a variety of people through the developmental disabilities division in a combination of several different settings.  Physical and Occupational therapists work with people of all ages from newborn to geriatrics.  Therapy services are provided in school, residential programs, adult workshop home health, and hospital settings.  Physical and Occupational therapists begin with an evaluation of the person and then recommend services based on individual needs.  Homes may be assessed and modifications or equipment recommended for use.  Physical and Occupational Therapists also assist with orthotics, various assistive devices, and home progress.  Therapy activities may include a variety of treatment techniques to help each individual achieve his/her maximum potential.

Happy Day/Crestwood Schools
Portage Industries

Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. provides physical and occupational therapy services to Happy Day School in conjunction with the Portage County Board of MRDD.  We have 2 Physical Therapists and 2 Occupation Therapists along with 2 Physical Therapist Assistants and 2 Occupational Therapist Assistants.

Therapy services include working with students, infants on up to age 22 starting with initial evaluations, developing programs including positioning and activities.  These may include sensory activities, gross and fine motor skills, activities of daily living and oral motor interventions.  Special adapted equipment or assistive devices may be fabricated or ordered for individuals.

Therapists work closely with teachers and other specialists to provide a variety of services and assist each student to accomplish their individual education or individualized family services plan goals and objectives.


Portage Industries serves the developmentally disabled citizens of Portage County by providing a program for skills development as well as gainful employment.  Adults ranging from mildly to profoundly involved are provided opportunities to learn life skills appropriate for each individual’s needs and to work at a level compatible with his or her abilities.

One full-time Physical Therapist, one full-time Physical Therapist Assistant and a part-time Occupational Therapy Assistant provide a wide range of therapy services.  These include evaluations and functional assessments leading to active treatment for injuries, post-op rehab and habilitation for chronic disabilities.  Work-site assessments and modifications are also performed to enhance individuals’ work performance, productivity, and income.  Wheelchair and other durable medical equipment needs are addressed, including prescription, ordering, fabrication, modification, maintenance and repair.  Consultation with physicians, orthotists, families, group home staff, and other caregivers is also provided.  The therapists also perform staff training in-house as well as in group homes, supportive living environments and private residences.

These services are provided in an ongoing effort by the Rehab Department, based at Portage Industries, to provide the highest quality of Physical and Occupational Therapy services to the adult mentally and developmentally disabled citizens of Portage County.


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