Physical Therapy

Benefits From the Effects of Physical Therapy
Physical therapy enables you to strengthen and condition your body for a lifetime.  Initially physical therapy will entail pain relief and gentle strengthening/flexibility exercises.  As time passes and you are able to progress your individual program, additional onditioning/strengthening exercises are added.  Returning to your previous level of activity is a goal of physical therapy and with that an increased sense of well being.

Who can answer questions about Physical Therapy services?
If you have questions regarding Physical Therapy services for you or a loved one, please contact the physical therapy staff at Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. at 1-888-381-8243.


Physical therapy is a health care specialty involved with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore maximal functional independence to each individual patient.  To achieve this goal, physical modalities such as exercise, heat, cold, electricity, and massage are utilized.   

Who provides Physical Therapy services?
Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals with a master’s or doctorate degree in physical therapy.  The physical therapist assistant has an associate’s degree and has also completed a clinical internship.  Both physical therapists and physical therapist assistants must pass a certification exam and must be licensed by the state of Ohio. 

What can Physical Therapy do for me?
A physical therapist is a specialist skilled and educated specifically in proper rehabilitation.  They are continually educated as to management for different dysfunctions, differentiation of one dysfunction/injury from another and work closely with the referring physician in the development of a rehabilitation program specifically designed for each individual.  The other important aspect to remember with physical therapy is that each individual is different and we all have different types of bodies, different patterns of movement, alignments and habits.  A physical therapist, along with their trained staff, monitors each individual and attempts to correct improper movements, alignments and habits.

What will I have to do in physical therapy?
Physical therapy generally encompasses pain relief, strength and flexibility training, proper postural alignment, regaining movement or range of motion, improving and correcting posture, endurance training, relaxation and stress relieving techniques, balance and coordination training, proper walking, education, safety awareness and development/implementation of a home exercise program.



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