Sports Medicine


Portage Physical Therapists have been providing Sports Medicine in Portage County for two decades.  Our Sports medicine team consists of Physicians, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistants and Athletic Trainers.  We work closely with the local schools to assure the best coverage for every single athlete.  We presently have contracts with 7 local school districts (Streetsboro, Ravenna, Southeast, Waterloo, Windham, Rootstown and Garrettsville) and provide game coverage as well as injury checks.  The longevity of the relationships have created trust and seamless care so to enable an athlete to safely return to his or her sport as soon as possible after an injury or medical problem.  Not only do we take care of the high school athlete but we have the expertise to treat all ages, if you are active you are an athlete.

We provide education for coaches and athletes in prevention of injuries and conditioning techniques.  We also provide sport physicals and wrestling assessments to the athletes in the county.  If you have sprained it, strained it, pulled it, stretched it, overloaded it, twisted it or tore it we can help you get back to your activity.





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